You aren’t being downvoted because we’re rude…

You’re being downvoted because you’re posting simple questions outside of the Daily Discussion Megathread.

This community has become large very quickly, and as such we are seeing an influx of new traffic. Many are new owners, which is wonderful! If you’re a new owner, welcome to the club and to the sub and I hope you’re enjoying your car.

These machines are very new to most people, and most new owners are first-time EV buyers, so questions aren’t at all uncommon or inappropriate. That being said, not every single question requires its own post. These types of posts are becoming even more frequent and I imagine the mods are working overtime to remove them.

Please understand that nobody is angry at you for asking a legitimate question, but there is a wealth of information online, both from Tesla’s own support website and from this sub’s Resources Gigathread, that can answer a tremendous number of basic questions about the vehicle and about ownership.

If you do have a question you can’t seem to find the answer to, please put it in the daily discussion thread so we can use this sub as intended: for news and discussion on Tesla and its interests.

TL;DR: Questions on ownership and vehicle operation go in the Daily Discussion Megathread, not in their own posts.

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