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Use this recurring thread for Q&A, sharing your ownership/service experiences, general vehicle assistance, today’s topics, sightings, customization, shop item discussions, etc.

Links for answers to some of the most common questions!

Displayed/Rated Range | Tesla Support | Winter Driving | Software Updates + Megathreads

Useful sites for vehicle management, software tracking, trip planning, and more

Teslascope | TeslaFi | EV-FW | Teslabout | Optiwatt | Useful Sites Wiki

Vehicle Manuals – U.S.

Model S | Model 3 | Model X | Model Y

NEW – Model 3 Video Manuals


Gigathread – Recent Highlights and Links Popular Accessories
r/AutoDetailing – Cleaning/detailing tips Discord Live Chat Subreddit Wiki Tesla Vehicle History Comparisons Print a Shareable Card made by u/backstreetatnight + u/110110

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