Vision only likely isn’t as bad as you think

Hi all,

To start, I’ll say that I don’t drive a vision-only car but I have owned my Model 3 with FSD for nearing 2 years now and have seen how it’s changed over time and have a good understanding of its limitations at the moment.

I just wanted to give my thoughts on a lot of the vision-only discussions I see going around the past few days:

‘Auto high beam is required now! This is terrible!’

I feel like this is a bit of a misconception, remember that vision is required for you to drive even if you have radar. Vision is used to determine drivable space, obstacles, lane lines, etc. – You can’t drive purely on radar. This change is something I’m surprised wasn’t in the car when I picked it up nearing 2 years ago, I mean… If you require vision, why wouldn’t you allow the car to automate the high beams?

However… Tesla’s auto high beam is pretty wacky and unpolished, they either need to allow manually disabling it or simply put a lot of time and effort into making auto high beam work as intended. When they put their heart into something it usually improves pretty fast like ‘Auto wipers V3’ has in the same version.

‘It slows down in rain! This is terrible!’

Ask yourself this: Why does the car on vision+radar not slow down in the rain when vision is required? Anyone who’s driving with Autopilot in heavy rain will have had this experience:

There’s lots of spray on the road, Autopilot is flying along at 75mph like a crazy person, it drives straight into spray at that speed and is blinded by it, so it panics, slams on the brakes, then disengages.

Controlling the speed better in rain is essential for safety and we’ve seen many crashes from people on Autopilot hydroplaning by driving too fast for the weather conditions without Autopilot having a care in the world.

However… Tesla is clearly being very cautious with its current settings, I imagine in a few updates we’ll see them increase the speeds Autopilot will travel in certain weather conditions as they confirm it’s not an issue. It’s all about getting that data.

‘It can’t see the car ahead of the one I’m following and requires the ‘3’ follow setting! This is terrible!’

If you’re following a large vehicle that you can’t see over, do you crash into them? Most likely not. (Unless you’re in the US where everyone drives bumper to bumper and gets in giant 30 car pile-ups as a result)

The ‘3’ setting is a safe follow distance, I’m surprised they ever let you set it to 1 as this is just tailgating.

Remember: The follow distance isn’t ‘car lengths’, maybe it’s seconds or something? Either way, it adjusts based on speed. Even if you set it to 6 you’ll be only 1 car length behind people up to 10 or 15mph before it starts to gain distance, this makes it perfectly fine in traffic, you’re not going to get cut off by this. You’re more likely to be cut off by the car ‘yo-yoing’ as it’s sometimes slow to set off from a standstil.


I honestly don’t think the vision update is as bad as people are making it out to be. There’s a bunch of videos going around showing what it’s capable of and vehicle detection is equally as smooth as radar, maybe smoother in some cases as it seems the visuals are updated more often. (Maybe vision has a higher update rate? Who knows)

Sure, there’s a lot of wacky stuff in this update, but a lot of major complaints are features that would have been implemented for radar users anyway, they’re not specifically an issue caused by removing radar; I suppose that’s the point I’m trying to make here.

I just think it’s smart to wait until Tesla is off the ‘day 1 release’ update and has had some time to flesh out things based on feedback before everyone jumps on the ‘It’s horrible! We’re all going to die! It’s the end of Tesla!’ bandwagon. 🙂

Edit to clarify some things

Here’s some good images to show what the new full-vision approach is capable of detecting, as someone with a radar-vision car I honeslty think this is pretty impressive, it’s detcting a lot of vehicles and they look to be in the right place not ‘wobbling around’, some are even being detected behind the user’s car which is something the current production release doesn’t do as the rear camera isn’t used:

Check out how far the detection is seeing on this image:

(So far that it goes further than the draw distance on the display)

Or the amount of cars on this one:

Or the ability to determine how far the truck is in front of the pickup here, this would be extremely hard for a human in that situation as we’re pretty bad at straight-line depth:

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