2021 MY Vision in Rain with video

A little background I purchased a MY 2020 7 months ago and decided to return it after 6 days due to build quality and didn’t want to deal with the headache of the service center after reading reviews. I remember this quiet well driving the car in auto pilot pouring rain into work because the damn windshield wiper was not touching the glass (which was one of the last straws that made me return the car…Yes I know easy fix) and auto pilot kept going in and out due to poor visibility I remember this quiet well since I had to go drive up north to a datacenter.

Fast forward 5 months later I decided to order another MYLR since hearing the QC had quiet improved with the new interior and 93 octane each fill up was getting pricy 60 miles one way commute to work so 120 round trip.

Picked up the car 5/27 (VIN 183xxx) yes had to agree blah blah no radar equipped “tesla vision.” Quality has improved a lot over the 7 months no issues found at all upon delivery. So its been raining constantly non stop over the past two days here in the Northeast. Today I decided to test out the Autopilot while in the rain – as you can see in the picture non highway 50 MPH limit had the auto pilot set to 56 MPH and there was a few cars in front of me. It’s not down pouring but its raining pretty hard. Drove for about 10 minutes without any issues with the “Tesla Vision” before getting off the exit.

I know we are still early and its very controversial at this time to ditch Radar but It seems like its the right path forward, time will only tell how good this will get or if they made the mistake and have to retrofit and install Radar again.

Video Link external: https://imgur.com/a/zrMMyJz


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