Model 3 Tires

So my model 3 std + is coming up to 35,000 miles and I finally need to change tires.

I reached out to tesla service for new tires, who quoted me $1420 for a set of Michelin Primacy MXM4 P235/45R18 fitted, with a 10 day wait.

I checked costco tire who quoted me $1110 for the same tire, fitted, with a 10 day wait.

I’m going with costco, although I am worried they may not be familiar with tesla jack points/pucks etc.. will post back if they screw anything up.

I did research on tire alternatives but the distance and quietness give up on other tires did not seem worth the cost save trade off to me.

Anyway, thought I’d share in case anyone found any of this info useful.

Note Tesla originally tried to order me summer tires (235/45R18 98Y SUMMER, MICHELIN PS4) despite me being in the north east, so check the order if you do go through Tesla.

TLDR; Costco tire was $300 cheaper than tesla for tires.

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