%99 ready to order a Model 3, but might need some words of wisdom from one of my favorite communities.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on: Back in 2014 I bought a Camaro SS 1LE for a decent price. Fast forward to February 2020 and I sold it at only a loss of 50% of it’s value (not bad right!?). I put about 5k down on a 2020 Veloster N and put the rest (about 13k) into TSLA. Best financial decision I made (the stock investing, not the Veloster) as that 13 turned to roughly 70, now sitting at 60 due to 2021’s rocky start. Still a religious TSLA bull to this day.

I bought that Veloster N thinking I’d bank some money for about 5 years, then when the warranty expires I’d sell it and finally get my hands on a Tesla. However, this timeline has been accelerated due to the wild success of TSLA over just the last year.. and frankly, the used car market is on FIRE right now. I’m thinking I can get around 30k for it now, just a few k down from what I got out the door.. after 14 months of ownership.

The Veloster N is an amazing car but it’s not my dream car, a Tesla Model 3. The build I’m looking at is a AWD in either red or white – I want the accel. boost upgrade and FSD, but FSD will have to take a bench til I figure out what exactly is going on with the FSD subscription and more widespread beta release.. and because I probably can’t afford it at the moment.

That being said, i’m about 99% ready to just finally order the darn thing TONIGHT. I’d take out 50k of my now-sitting 60k in stocks once the Model 3 becomes available (7-9 weeks quote on the website). My Veloster still has a lien and i’m paying 470 a month. After selling it and buying a tesla outright, my debt will be gone and I’m not paying interest anymore.

Buying a Tesla is probably not financially wise, but considering everything above.. it might just be the right time. I’ve made a list below of some pros and cons that I’m still looking over.


I get my dream car / I have no car payment whatsoever / Reap all the benefits of having an EV over ICE / i’d get a much quicker, faster, smoother, quieter car


My stock money goes poof* overnight / practically no funds for FSD, one of the big selling points for me / no android auto /*

I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, etc. If you’ve been in a similar situation that’d be awesome. Thanks everyone!

TL:DR – Have a 2020 veloster N on lien. Want to take advantage of hot used car market and sell it for a Model 3 AWD with accel boost, eventually FSD. Problem is it’ll clear my gains in the stock market. Am I being dull and dumb, or do I go for my dream car and call it a day?

Quick side note – I don’t want to take out a loan for this. It’d be paid for outright. The housing market is hot as well and I think getting rid of a car payment will really help boost my credit score and get a good mortgage. Going to sell my condo very soon and it’ll bank me a nice chunk of change. So ultimately, what I lose in stock money, I can make up for after selling my condo, keeping some money, and putting the rest down for a new mortgage loan.. at least that’s what i’m thinking and lord knows i’ve been wrong several times before.

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