The tale of the 7 minute test drive

I impulse bought a M3 some time ago, without having ever been inside one. So my husband and I decided it was smart to test drive it to confirm our decision.

We’re on the way and receive a call: “The vehicle is on a test drive right now. There is a wait” Oh, no worries. We can wait.

What about the people that confirmed the next time slot though?

We have arrived. We wait patiently in the parking lot.

30 minutes later .. There! A wonderful specimen of a car pulls in.

5 minutes later.. Hmm .. the person inside has not left the car.

5 minutes later.. They get out. Only now, they can’t get away from the car. They pace around it. Open frunk. Close frunk. Open frunk. Close.

Finally, they say their goodbyes and make their way inside the dealership.

I tell my husband we probably have to wait a while more, because they’ll clean the car.
I’m wrong. Nice man takes us straight to the car.

He politely opens the door contraption for me. I sink my butt into the vegan leather chair. Ooohh, its so soft, so warm.

“… regenerative breaking. You can also adjust the steering. You have 10 minutes, so if you could get the car back to me at 11.50?”

Amazed and captivated with the car, we meekly comply. The man hurriedly leaves.

Then I realize the time .. its 11:42 ..?! The seat heaters are at max. Oh, that’s why my booty is hot. The mirrors are wonky. Slight panic.

“F it. We have to go!”

WOW. This car drives amazingly. So smooth. My husbands makes a janky U turn, getting used to the breaks. Its amazing. Music. Let’s put on some Ed Sheeran. Amazing sound. My phone, charging, just like that. Wow.

DAMN. Traffic. Looks like we’re making a U turn on the same road to get back on time. We savor our last minutes with the car. We park, its 11:49.

That went by in a flash. The sliver of “wow” was enough to confirm that we made the right decision, though. We want more!

Back to our gas guzzling peasant car. Hopefully the next guests had a full experience!

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