Tesla Ownership Reality


So I’m looking to purchase a Model 3 this year, been spending time on forums and this reddit for a while now. I always hear “oh Tesla customer satisfaction rates super high.” However, one thing I’ve seen consistently online with, even now, are comments complaining about customer service/long lead times on resolving issues, and how it’s essentially a norm. The inconsistent build quality or long time to produce the car from order date, alright. However older cars having screen/software issues (which is the place where ALL controls are) and the apparently poor way Tesla handles the problems concern me.

I’m not stranger to car communities and the vocal minority blowing up small issues but this seems to be more than just that. Legacy automaker dealerships/vehicles are far from perfect, but with my alternative choices I know I’m able to get the parts and even replace it myself at least to try to keep downtime low. The car would be for my Significant other so this would be important for me.

I’m sure this topic has been discussed a lot, but with the loss of the main Tesla forum I’m hoping to start a new discussion and get more recent opinions/feedback on this. The above issue is my main reservation on purchasing one.

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