Is FSD at anything less than level 5 actually helpful outside of highways?

I think all the FSD beta videos are impressive, but my takeaway is always the same: People are more concentrated/on-edge driving with FSD than they would be without FSD. They are just waiting to grab the wheel.

I was testing a Y recently and while I think I liked FSD, I think it was less work and easier to just drive myself in most cases. I always had to think about what it might do or what it seemed like it was about to do. In reality, I could have just held the wheel myself and used the same amount of effort. Simple adaptive cruise control would have just been the best experience.

Regardless of FSD activated or not, I couldn’t really pay any less attention. In fact, I probably had to pay more attention since my feet weren’t on the pedal and my reaction time would be slower. And I did in fact have to take over twice anyway.

So my thought is this: On the highway or straight, long roads with no traffic it’s nice. In suburban or city areas with traffic, medians etc, anything less than having no steering wheel is really no better than simply adaptive cruise. Maybe it let’s you dick around on your phone a little bit more often, but it really does demand more brain power than just driving yourself.

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