Anyone here gotten rid of their Tesla for another EV and regretted/not regretted it?

I would love to hear of other experiences of going Ex-Tesla. I’m wanting to trade my M3 for a Taycan. Looking at the new Cross Turismo for in town driving. I’ll keep my Y for road trips. Sat in one Friday and a few quick observations: 1. Five screens, really? 2. Too many buttons and a touchscreen down low in the center column. I don’t want to have to look down to adjust something. 3. Quality! I miss quality (Went from an A7 to my M3). 4. Great personalization of interior and exterior. 5. Electrify America vs Tesla Network. I rarely have to supercharge, but from what I’ve seen in Taycan YouTube videos, half or more of the fast (350kw) chargers they encounter are dead, and they wind up charging using a slow charger. 6. Having a unique car again, Teslas are ubiquitous in my town (Elon’s new hometown). Would love to hear people’s perspective as former Tesla drivers, or multiple EV brand drivers.

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