Owning a Model Y in the city without home charging

My wife and I test drove the model Y yesterday and we’re sold on the car, but now we’re having some concerns about not having home charging. Hoping Tesla owners may be able to answer some questions. First our situation: We live in Chicago and plan on parking it on the street in our neighborhood. We live in a condo with street parking so home charging isn’t possible. My wife’s work does have charging, but she won’t be commuting until December or January so we would rely on super chargers exclusively until then. There is a grocery store that is close enough with 72 kWh super chargers and we probably drive 200-250(maybe less post covid) miles per week with her commute so we would probably need to charge once a week.

I got a bit worried about relying on the supercharger alone after reading about battery degradation. I’m also a little worried now about the range loss in the winter from preconditioning if it’s not plugged in. So time for our questions:

  1. Do you think relying exclusively on supercharging at 72 kWh stations would have a noticeable effect on the battery?

  2. What sort of range do you experience in cold temps? This is Chicago so it’s typical to get several weeks in the teens and 20s in January February.

  3. Since we’re parking it on the street we thought about putting it on sentry mode at night. Not sure if it’s necessary as our neighborhood is safe and there is surprisingly plentiful street parking. What sort of effect would this have on the battery/range?

Thanks for any owners that can provide some insight.

Edit: Forgot to mention that we expect this to be a temporary situation. We expect to move by summer 2022 and our new place would need to have a garage so this is probably one winter outside and 6 months relying on super charging.

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