PSA: the 2021 Model 3 is way quieter

I totaled my 2018 P3D a while back and had to wait months for a replacement. The good news is that I got the one with heated steering wheel and other updated goodies and this car is way quieter than even my wife’s 18”-wheel RWD long range, even with the 20” wheels and after I added sport coilovers (which make the ride a bit harsher but better). Whether or not it is just the double paned windows I have no idea but I thought I’d share.

My only gripe is that the Pirelli P-Zero tires, which are amazingly grippy, are going to be bald way earlier than the 20” Michelins which I’d rather have for that reason. P-Zeros have an infamously poor tread wear ratin

Edit: if anyone in the Bay Area wants to buy überturbine wheels in perfect condition I swapped them out and am looking to sell

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