Bringing an EU Tesla to the US

Dear all, I currently live in Europe but might plan to the US next year. I recently bought a M3P. In Europe, Tesla’s are sold with the CCS combo (eu type is different from us type) charging port (where the top plug also works for AC type 2 charging):

I would love to bring my Tesla to the US but I would not be able to charge the car at any supercharger… due to the different plug.

As a last resort I could get a EU to US CCS combo adapter for 900 USD and be able to charge only on other networks…

I saw that there is an adapter for US made Teslas to charge using the European CCS combo ( but could not find one for European Teslas to charge in the US.

Does anyone of you know the existence of an adapter or knows if Tesla can change the charge port? Thanks!

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