Would Tesla be an option for me ?

I am considering buying a Tesla but not sure if it’s the right car for me . Here’s why I am in doubt – My work takes me to Dallas almost 4 times a month from Houston (267 Miles). When I head to work i start around 5AM and I don’t stop at all only to reach office by around 9-9:15AM which is about an hour late by Texas standards :).
I don’t see a charging option for me in and around office. I stay in hotels which are about 3-4 stars (mostly 3) and then start back for Houston after 2-3 nights stay . I do stop on my way to Houston for gas but that’s about 10-12 min stop. Given that I will have to stop at least 2 times each way I am in double mind whether to buy an extended range model 3 or drive an ICE for a bit longer until Cybertruck is launched with more than 400 miles range which I can charge on my way back . Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome .

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