Which one to buy?

Hey everyone. I’m wondering which Tesla you all would recommend. I commute 120 miles round trip. This takes around 1 hr 15 minutes in the morning and 2 hrs 30 minutes on the way home, so there is a lot of stop and go traffic on the commute home. I live in NY, where it gets cold and snows. I also drive 200 miles to a vacation home on weekends, so on occasion I would need to drive 60 miles to work and then 200 miles from work to our home. I don’t do this often though and could have my husband take the Tesla or another car on those days. We do travel a lot. We have a 2017 Prius Prime with 176k miles that we will keep. We will always have a Prius. I do like sports cars, but have a Corvette, WRX etc so we have “fast” cars. I can’t charge at work. In all, I put 50k per year on the Prius, 25k to work and 25k to the vacation home. I am estimating I would put 30k/year on the Tesla.

(1) M3 standard plus- it’s less expensive and should have enough range to get to work and back (120 miles total, but stop and go traffic, and there’s winter). If I do drive it 50k per year, it’s less expensive. I don’t know Tesla longevity. Elon promises a million miles, but who knows. We haven’t seen much past 100k on these. If a drive unit goes, it’s at least one and not two. I would buy the acceleration boost.

(2) MY- we don’t have an SUV and this would be nice to have more room when we travel, but my husband does not want to stop at superchargers. We don’t have anything that could tow, and my husband wants a camper. Again, we’re looking at 100 miles max between charging with a camper, so I don’t know if he would even go for that. I would like to be able to tow our motorcycles though. I’m planning on buying the cybertruck when it comes out either way.

Would a M3 or MY be more comfortable to commute in? I’m 5’5″/120 if that affects anything.

Which one would make more sense?

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