Question about dashcam

I’ve had my car for a week and can’t rely on the cameras. They worked for 2 days then they stopped for a day or two finally I was able to “ fix “ it by soft resetting. Finally now my wife is behind me in the model 3 and I am in front driving my other car to transport it home. I was almost in a head on collision but the camera did not record it. It recorded right before it happened and right after . Literally seconds before it happened and seconds after it happened. She had a safe distance from me so she didn’t need to honk or swerve ( I have honk to save enabled). I took my flash drive out the car to watch the video and nothing.

However few days ago I took the flash drive out again to see videos just for fun and to see what it records and only sentry mode was recording. Today I’ve noticed it saves all the videos of when driving and not only when you honk or save it manually. I like how it records always but can anyone help with the situation above ? Car is a 21 model 3sr

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