Physical differences between AP1, AP2, EAP, and FSD?

Looking into buying a used Model 3 in the 2018-2019 range. Trying to figure out how I can tell what autopilot version each one as, just by looking at the pictures listed. I want to not have to drive to every single dealership just to check the screen in person, and I also would like to avoid calling the dealerships, in case they aren’t familiar themselves and try to jack up the price if they realize it is a more valuable trim.

The only things I really know is that FSD has a box in the center of the front grill. If it has a grill but no box, is it AP2? And is EAP just a software upgrade that was available to AP2? Can you still upgrade to EAP on an AP2, or is it only an upgrade to FSD now?

Thanks for anything you can provide to help me clear this up.

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