Bought a 2020 MYP (Stealth) from… but Tesla says it ain’t performance..the VIN says it is… (8th Digit is F = Dual Motor – Performance Model Y) hmm…

So, as the title says, I bought myself a gently used early build (April 2020) Model Y Stealth Performance. I was super stoked to find her, as I was just about to take delivery of a new model Y P, but reluctantly, as I really like the stealth performance variant…. and a week before taking delivery I found this MYP randomly and jumped on it immediately.

So, here’s the rub: It gets delivered, I hop in the front seat and pull up the software section to see if maybe I got lucky and got EAP.. who knows? I’ve seen it happen for others, and my 2017 MS has it, and I love it.

I digress – The first red flag was.. well the lack of the red underlined dual motor sign…. I transfer the car to my Tesla account and under upgrades, I see that acceleration boost is available….I call Tesla Insurance to add the MY(P?) to my policy and ask them if it’s showing my car as a LR AWD or as a Performance. They confirm that it shows as a performance. Now I’m really confused.

I call Tesla support and ask them the same. They say it’s showing up as a LR AWD, not a performance. I reference that the 8th character in the VIN is a “F” which based on Tesla’s own published 2020 Model Year VIN Decoder” at the NHTSA. The agent bewildered. So was I. I also used the

Here is the result.

Needless to say, I’m lost here. Vroom is working out what they are going to do, I’ve already got my attorney on it in the event that they don’t want to step up.

I guess I’m asking if anyone has got any idea as to why the VIN would show it as a MYP, Tesla insurance shows it as a MYP, Yet Tesla app, account, and Tesla Support say they see it as a LR AWD.

TL;DR – Bought 2020 MYP Stealth from and turns out, it may not be a performance, even though VIN Confirms it is.

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