3 Months of FSD just expired. How was it?

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post my experience with FSD while I was able to use the 3 free months, since I picked up my car on December 30th. I just wanted to use this post to document my experiences and figure out if it’s something I would consider purchasing in the future. I know many more updates will be pushed as time goes on, but this is just how it was for me for the past 3 months.

Let’s begin with the things I pretty much didn’t even use, and work up from there. I’ll be leaving the standard Autopilot out of this list because every Tesla comes with it. If Autopilot didn’t come with the car, I’d be buying FSD all the way just for that alone.


It sounds very convenient, but I didn’t get the option to use it as intended once. What I mean by that, is the only time I ever got the option come up to use it was when there was a sidewalk connected to a driveway, and I was pulled into the driveway. It pretty much thought the sidewalk was a parking spot. It is what it is, but I wish I could’ve at least seen this feature once. I pulled up to spots to parallel park, spots where there was a gap, even normal parking spots in between two cars, but nothing ever popped up for me to initiate autopark.

Navigate on Autopilot:

This one I was particularly excited to try out. Unfortunately though, the first couple experiences I’ve had with it weren’t very good. I drive on highways that don’t have a whole lot of people on it, even at their busiest. I think the 2nd time I used it, it initiated the turn signal to get back into the right lane, while I was only a couple feet in front of a semi, which made the semi driver freak out a tad :/ After that, I just didn’t feel too comfortable using it to automatically pass cars. It’s nice to see what the future holds for fully autonomous driving, but that experience was just a little too crazy for me to try it and rely on it more.

Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control:

This is one thing people really liked seeing my car do when I would give them rides. There’s not much else to it. The car did a fantastic job on figuring out where to stop and was always reliable.


Ohhhh Summon. How easy it was to just push a button on my phone and make adjustments to how far forward or back I was. This is one I’ll really miss, because I don’t actually have an auto garage door opener. This is another feature people got a kick out of.

Auto-Lane Change:

Hands down, my favorite feature. It really doesn’t take much to change lanes myself, but the fact that all I had to do for the past 3 months was put my turn signal on, and the car would just kind of… do it… absolutely astonishing. My monkey brain is easy to impress.


Jeez. They really make it hard to NOT want to buy it. Given the price tag of the FSD, and the car already, I’m not sure. I would love to one day have my car drive itself, but realistically, it already pretty much does everything I need it to. Autopilot handles very nicely on any road with lanes, and does a great job at keeping the distance of the car in front. It’s actually saved me a couple times. Really though, if I could find a way to conjure up $10k, I’m in.

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