Tesla FSD Licensing Idea

Idea for Licensing Tesla FSD Software To The Masses.

I am currently not a Tesla owner but am a believer and investor in the company. Although I don’t own a Tesla car yet, I would be interested in claiming a stake in Tesla’s FSD software package for $10K.

Tesla should consider allowing non Tesla owners to buy the FSD license at today’s prices. Here me out. If someone could pre-purchased a license for future use. An individual could use it one day with their new Tesla or any new car assuming Tesla licenses FSD to other car manufacturers to allow mass adoption.

And an individual should be able to own the their copy for the license and it should follow the person not the car. It should move with an individual from car to car (with a small transfer fee, of course).

Why buy it early?

I believe the price whether through inflation or value will drive prices up very quickly. Also Tesla has the option to go to a Subscription only model which is also profitable so I understand why.

Obviously Tesla is light years ahead with their FSD.

Either way I cannot wait to have a self driving car and would be willing to invest now for something that will be definitely in my future. I want to help drive this company and vision today with my purchase.

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