Tesla lying to me about referral code being applied for new Model 3 purchase?

Hi all, sorry, this is going to be a bit of a rant.

Tesla is refusing to honor my friend’s referral link, and I don’t know what to do at this point.

A little backstory: I recently ordered a new Model 3 (a little less than a month ago). I forgot to use my friend’s referral link when I did, which I guess is really coming to bite me in the butt now. I realized this within an hour of ordering, so I called Tesla and was told that it was no problem and that they could add referral code still. Sure, ok, but I’m still a bit paranoid since I’ve been lied to over the phone before.

Shortly after receiving my VIN I called Tesla back just to make sure. The rep this time told me he didn’t see that the code had been applied, but no problem he could do it now. He also told me that I wouldn’t expect to see the supercharger miles on my account until about a week after delivery. Well, I’m extra paranoid now, so I ask him what if I still don’t see them after week? He tells me no problem even if that’s the case they can still fix it for me.

Well, I received delivery on March 24, so it has been almost a week and a half now… and no supercharger miles in mine or my friend’s account. So I call them back, and I’m told, “Sorry, we can’t apply any codes after delivery.” At this point, I basically lost it. I told Tesla I had called them TWICE pre-delivery and was told both times that the code had been applied. Eventually I was told they would forward this to the referral team but I think it’s quite understandable that my trust in them has been shattered at this point. I highly doubt anything was escalated or a case was created here.

Question: What can I do at this point? I’ve e-mailed [referralprogram@tesla.com](mailto:referralprogram@tesla.com) but is there anything else I can do besides wait and (probably) still be fucked?

Also, I know that these referral miles added up is not a large monetary value (maybe $30-40) but that’s not the point… I would be fine if they told me originally that I could not apply the code after I’d ordered. But being lied to over and over? Seriously, why?

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