To Leasing Owners: how do you deal with turnover timing and delayed orders?

I am currently entering the 40th month of my 36mo Model X lease. I was told I could extend my lease for a maximum of 6 months, and that my early January order would be ready by then for the refreshed Model X. Being cautiously optimistic, I am wondering if there are any other leasing owners here that have had a similar experience or are facing a gap in ownership due to delays or other issues. My 2017 X has just surpassed 60,000mi and I’ve already turned down paying out of pocket for a few out of warranty issues since they’re really not my problem.

Do I ask them to extend beyond 6 months? Is that even possible? Do I ask them to write a 1 year lease and postpone my refresh order until next year? Do I have to deal with it and go get a rental for a few weeks? Am I the only one with this issue?

Looking for open engagement, I’d like to skip the argument about whether Tesla’s leasing programs are worth it or not.

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