My brand new 2021 M3LR is getting abysmal range.

I took Delivery of my Model 3 last Saturday, and I have not even come remotely close to anything that would suggest you could even get 250 miles out of this car. Let alone 350.

I travel to work 9 miles each way. No other stops, just there and back. It’s about 80/20 Highway to City ratio. I travel 75mph on the highway with cruise control/autopilot on most of the way. It’s about 60 degrees out and climate control is set to 68. I left work yesterday with exactly 318 miles of charge, it was maxed at the 90% charge limit. By the time I got to work today I only had 269 miles a range. A decrease of 49 miles with only 18 miles of driving. Roughly a 64% decrease. (Sentry mode is not on before everyone asks) Theoretically I’d be lucky to get 150 miles on a charge maybe 170 if you count the buffer milage at the end The energy monitoring in the car says about 213 projected milage. I never expected to hit 353 just like I never expect to hit the EPA on an ICE car unless I’m hypermiling. But God damn I’m not even getting close.

What’s going on here exactly?

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