Is a P3D at all realistic for a middle class person?

I have been saving for a Tesla for a year, I have $23k saved. Is it feasible for me to own a P3D if I make $80k/yr gross pay? My plan is to save till I can pay cash for the vehicle. I always wanted a P3D, I have no debt besides my mortgage on a modest house, and I could also get a 2nd job. My buddy who is a “car guy” tells me to settle with the SR and that the P3D is only for six figure+ guys. I imagine I’ll get the SR but I am just asking: can a person who makes $80k/yr and having the ability to get a 2nd job MAINTAIN a P3D given taxes, insurance, parts, recharging etc??? My buddy is telling me I am outta my mind and stretching myself beyond my means, is he full of it or could I really own one? I am generally very cheap otherwise.

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