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Hi Folks,

I searched the web and all, but can’t find anything. I set the my M3 to normally charge to 75% but occasionally I want to charge it to a higher percentage. Ie, when I’m at the mall, where charging is free, or when I know I am going on a longer trip, I would slide the charge all the way to 100%.

Every time this happens I need to go to the charging tab, then tap edit, then slide that thing across. When I leave I have to go there again, and slide it somehow fiddly back to 75% (easier in the app, it shows the percentage) using the same process. Or worst, I forget.

Wouldn’t it be much cooler to just have a button there (or in the app) which says “make current charge a full one” and as soon as you unplug and plug in again, it resets itself to 75% or whatever I’ve set before.

Of course, it would be ultra cool if the car notices that on a specific charger I always want to charge to 100% because it’s free (in reality, I’m not parked there long enough to make it 100% anyway, but just nice to get a bit of extra few KMs.

Any idea if this is possible with a less cumbersome way to set it to charge to 100% only this one time?

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