2020 Model 3 SR+ Trip Planning for Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. This seems very unlikely to reach. Has Anyone Done this with SR+?


Wow, that solution came quick. I knew asking you guys is the way. Thanks to u/charonpdx. I just realized there is a level 2 in the middle of no where, which I missed completely. https://www.plugshare.com/location/289900. This should be good enough to put SR+ directly to Grand Canyon.


2020 Model 3 SR+

I am trying to go south rim of Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. But using ABRP, one of the segment will require driving under 50 mph on I-40, and it is unrealistic to do. According to this guy, he never made it non-stop. And, from my experience on mountain driving in Mojave National Preserve, I will be short 10-15% compare to ABRP estimate upon arrival. So, it is not possible to reach Grand Canyon even if I stay under 50 mph.

The alternative option is to pay $25 and charge at HolidayInn in Williams, but this will take more than 1.37 hours (9.6kW / 320Wh = 30 miles) to be certain to reach destination, so it is not practical….. Sadly, there is an Electrify America that we cannot use (CCS…)

Has anyone done the same trip before? Will you share on how did you achieve this trip?

I have been driving around national park with staying in RV camp, and I found that SR+ is really a city car. I have to give up visiting so many of the view site inside national park due to range concern. I am regretting for not getting Long Range now…

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