Will Software Updates Happen Under LTE – with Premium Connectivity?

It has been often stated on these and other boards that if you have Tesla Premium Connectivity, eventually your software will update while on LTE.

I live in NYC and park in a commercial garage. It has 8 Tesla Level 2 chargers (included in the monthly price) which makes that part of my life easy but no WiFi.

I purchased a Verizon Jetpack and keep it in the center console and use it only for software updates – here is why.

Before my Jetpack, I never received an update under LTE – I have premium connectivity. I once let the car sit for a month after the update showed available to see if it would download. It did not until I connected to my phone’s WiFi hotspot (and then it did immediately).

Has anyone actually ever experienced the car downloading a software update under its built in LTE? Or is this people just repeating an untruth?

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