Unplogged my Type 2 (cable for public charging station) from my TSM3 without unlocking the charge port


First of I would like to say I am a owner of a new TSM3 2021 SR+.

I know that I made a mistake (twice – yikes) but I didnt get the information or rather say didnt inform myself that I need to unlock the charging port to unplug my Type 2 EU cable. It was strange to me that I couldnt take out the cable but with force I took it out (twice). After realizing that it must be unlocked within the app I unlocked the charge port with the app. Now I am a little worried that I maybe broke something 🙁 The chasis of the charging port is in place, the car charges without problems, and the cable and the charging pins are all in place like they should be. Should I be still worried or just forget and you live and you learn ?

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