Uk owners.. what 3rd party chargers are you registered with, or do you use?

Newbie here… Model 3 arrived this week, and just did my first 200+ mile trip requiring a supercharger. Was sweeet.

Just got me thinking… what other charging vendors so people use, and why?

I’ll be going to Devon/Cornwall in August and moving around a lot, and the lack of superchargers down there is likely to be an issue if I don’t have access to other fast charging options… so open to any & all thoughts and experiences.

Saw plugshare mentioned on Google, is that good/useful?

Edit: I reckon I should also have an extension lead in the car for the august trip, to charge at the holiday cottage… any recommendations for extensions people are using?

Any other newbie advice? (I’m already loving the data from teslafi and the routing from ABRP) Thanks

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