Educate Beginners regarding Battery and Range

I own a 2020 M3 SR plus.I haven’t really driven the car much during the pandemic and also did not do my due diligence researching in general about electric cars, charging practice, battery range in before buying my M3. So it was a shocker for me when I got roughly close to 160-170miles range on a road trip to Bay area. I called Tesla and enquired why my range was very less compared to the advertised Range 250+ miles. They told me that the advertised number is for optimal conditions like driving speed of ~50mph, no air conditioning etc. I have few questions and would highly appreciate if y’all could educate me.

1) How do you guys test your battery range to make sure the battery is indeed in good health and providing the range that it is supposed to? 2) Does Autopilot consume more power? 3) Is there a difference in range when my battery is Super charged vs Trickle charged? 4) Any other advice, tips, tricks for a new owner like me?

Thank you fellow Tesla owners.

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