How did you justify the cost of a Tesla?

It’s clear that a Tesla is vastly nicer than all gas cars at the price point of a 3 or Y. But what is the cost of “It’s just nicer”?

There are two things I’m struggling with. Fuel and Monthly Payment

FUEL The gas prices in my area seem to match the cost to charge a Tesla at home when comparing cost per mile for say a RAV4 hybrid. Am I wrong?

Gas: $3 per gallon Elec: $0.23 per kWh (at home)

If anyone has experienced this same conundrum (or level of stupidity that need informing), please let me know 🙂 I really want to justify the

MONTHLY PAYMENT Even if you the fuel consumption in a Tesla is better, is it better to justify a per month cost difference of double or more than (for example) a RAV4 Hybrid?

I can afford $600 a month busy a Model Y comes in at $700. Is there some trick to getting that down?

I feel like these two issues are what everyone struggles with, yet I have yet to find a clear and concise argument that makes me go “Yea. Fuck. Getting a Tesla.” v “Meh. I’ll lease a car and get one in 3 years.”

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