2021.4.12 limited regen in WARM weather?

So, this updated was supposed to improve COLD weather functionality, which is great. The problem is, I’m having REDUCED functionality in WARM weather.

Today, for example, our low temp last night was 45F. This morning the battery on my M3 LR was charged to 85%. I preconditioned the cabin for 20 minutes and the “battery preheat” icon went out on the app. Leaving home and getting on the freeway I had full regen. My commute includes 15 miles of freeway, 10 miles flat then 2.5 miles down a 7% grade. Halfway down the grade I got the “regen reduced” message. It reduced to the point where there was *just* enough regen to maintain speed on the grade. For the remainder of the 2.5 miles I had very little regen and had to use the foot brake to take my off ramp. It was 60F outside during this drive so this is NOT a “cold weather” issue, nor was this an issue prior to 2021.4.12.

What’s the deal? Is anyone else experiencing this?

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