Tesla can’t seem to deliver, help?

Tesla changed my model Y delivery 4 times, went through two VINs. I’m now without a VIN or delivery date at all. I asked to go elligible last year.

At this point, I’m willing to change several options to finally get one, but it looks like that is going to raise the price thanks to the FSD increase last year. I was told reserving should lock in that price! How can I get Tesla to make this right?

Full context:

  • Started looking in October. Said I was waiting for the Y 7 seater. Was told that reserving will lock in my price, so I did.
  • Gave a referral code over the phone.
  • Called in late December saying I am ready to set as elligible. Was told to call back on Jan 2.
  • Called on Jan 2 to finalize and go elligible, they supposedly did.
  • Called on Jan 9 asking to upgrade to 7 seater. They said I would have to pay an extra $3K because the price of FSD went up. Also, I wasn’t set as elligible. I opted not to get 7 seater and said make me elligible (again). Seems to have worked this time. Delivery estimate was 2-6 weeks.
  • Called after 6 weeks asking about delivery date. They set one for 2 weeks away.
  • A week before, I call to make sure all is well. They move delivery another 2 weeks out. This pattern repeated until mid March.
  • Was told my car will never come, bug in the system. Got a new VIN for a floor model another 2 week delivery date.
  • Was told there was no referral code, got that squared away again.
  • Got a call this morning told that the floor model won’t arrive either. They can’t find a match, so the whole process is starting over.
  • I’m being asked to switch to options I don’t want, but there has been no offer to switch to options I do want, without jacking up the price either from FSD’s increase or due to the cost of the options. They found a match with upgraded rims I don’t want, but they’re asking me to pay for them.

Edit: Okay looks like a TLDR is in order: Reserved in October-ish. Tried for a 7-seater on Jan 9 but it would mean paying the newer price on FSD so nah. I haven’t changed configuration since I became eligible for delivery on Dec 28 (when I told them), January 2nd (when they said it’s in the system) nor January 9th (when it actually made it in the system). They cancelled 4 delivery dates. Sales has yet to be helpful. Still no delivery in sight.

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