Can we talk about not jumping to conclusions?

I get it, the new model S and X are extremely exciting cars and even I am eager to get all the information I can about them. The posts showing videos/pictures of the cars are awesome and I love to see them; however, the posts that are people jumping to conclusions about how they feel about something are completely premature. Talking about how you won’t like the yoke or the taillights don’t function exactly the same etc when all you have are pictures of a PRE PRODUCTION MODEL literally beats the point of having choice in the car market and even the choices in building your model S/X to your taste. Please, for the sake of actually giving things a try for once, can we stop with over analyzing small nitpicks on pre production models? Wait for a production model to come out, take a test ride, then share your thoughts and feelings.

EDIT: The taillight discussion isn’t about design, its about a part of them not lighting up. This can easily be done in software, which is why I am asking that we wait for a production model to see if that’s a production software change or not.

The anti-yoke steering wheel argument is hilarious to me because it’s exactly like ICE owners were against EVs before they tried a Tesla. Open up to trying something before shooting it down. I can’t believe I have to say this in the TESLA forum.

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