I made an app that lets Telsa drivers say hi to each other on the road

Posting from my official account with permission from the mods.

Everyone here is invited to try out the Rini app I made. It’s a personal pandemic project I made because when I drove a Jeep I always loved how we’d flash each other the peace sign (Jeep wave), like we were in a secret club. Anyway I miss that now that I have a Tesla and nobody waves to me. We need a wave, that’s my extroverted opinion.

Enter Rini! Now we can all run this app and it’ll tell us when we are nearby each other and make fun sounds when we pass each other. If this is interesting/fun to you, I’d like feedback about what would make it more fun/exclusive.

So join me and let’s see if we can overrun Google Firebase with GPS coordinates. I don’t keep any of the location data, it’s just transient and disappears seconds later.

iOS only (for now) https://apps.apple.com/us/app/rini/id1550533577

PS – early reactions are ‘so…Waze?’ I don’t use Waze so I’m not totally sure but I see this as more about having fun, not anything to do with road conditions. We drive Teslas! Or rather, Teslas drive us! What do we care about traffic jams? Let me know what you think or if you have any problems! Thanks for reading. ~Ben

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