Thoughts on Panels + Poweewall build (4.08 + 1 powerwall)

Hi There fellow Tesla redditors.


I am new here, looking to go rooftop solar on my existing roof in the SF bay area and just stumbled upon tesla, i thought they only installed the solar roof but was pleasantly surprised to find that they did panels too. I am considering a 4.08 KW system and one power wall. My winter time usage is 10-14 kwh and summer maybe 20-25kwh each day. Looking at the power wall storage specs i believe this system would be just about enough to completely get me off the grid, is that accurate? Are there output limits to the powerwall i should be considering that might mean that i still need to use power from the grid during night? Also, any additional power generated my panels during the day after fully charging the powerwall would go back to the grid through NEM, correct?

Finally read some rep/reviews about customer service and tesla energy, Should i be concerned? Thoughts? If you recently went solar with tesla panels would love to hear about your experience

Thanks for your help.

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