Soon to be Tesla owner with a simple question…

I will be buying a Tesla Model Y, no FSD, and something I’m wondering about is Autopilot. I test drove a Model Y and when I tried Autopilot it would stop at stop signs (although I would have to press the pedal for it to go through) and it would stop at red lights and continue when the light turned green, or if there was a car in front of me it would wait for there to be a 1 car gap between me and that car on a green light to go. It worked everytime and I absolutely loved it.

But when I go online to check it out I can’t really find this feature being talked about anywhere for Autopilot, and I only ever see it mentioned for FSD. Is this not an Autopilot feature? Will my car without FSD be able to do as I described above with just autopilot?

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