Let’s give this subreddit a Twitter presence.

This would be a great way to get Elon’s attention. He spent a significant amount of time on Twitter on a daily basis almost.

This would be great way to get some feature ideas, communicate issues after updates, even ask the hard questions no one else is asking, stay more up to date and etc, run polls and such.

Endless possibilities.

Ya know those times you wonder if Tesla employees(they do) and Elon(Idk) browse through here. Well let’s bring the content to them??? Woot woot

Don’t bury me in downvotes please. I hope y’all think it’s a decent idea.

We need a presence in numbers that can’t be ignored.

Follow up please: https://mobile.twitter.com/teslareddit

**** I’m aware that a Tesla owners group already exists. They don’t really do much of what’s stated above, if any. It’s mostly posting products, posting space x launch dates, and retweeting Tesla articles.

Edit: bummer, I guess this is an L

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