Wisconsin Leasing

I was holding out for the Cybertruck. Unfortunately, I don’t want to wait until my release date. It’s time for my current car to find a new home.

I’m going to lease a Model Y. Then when my lease is up, I will buy a Cybertruck. It will suck to lose the equity in a lease, but with how my current financial situation looks, this is by far my best option in terms of my current needs.

Major details:

Model Y

Long Range, Dual Motor AWD

Midnight Silver Metallic

20” Induction wheels

Everything else standard

Cash Price: $52,990

Lease Terms: 3 years, 15k miles a year

Due at signing: $8,000 ($495 acquisition fee, and first payment included)

I for the life of me cannot find any purchasing information for the state of Wisconsin. There are no dealers here. I have to go to Minnesota or Illinois. When I lease, will I have to pay Illinois or Minnesota taxes and fees, or will I pay Wisconsin taxes and fees?

What can I expect for a general APR? The Tesla “calculator” doesn’t factor in any taxes or fees. It currently spits out a $515/mo. rate, which I feel is extremely untrue. Is there a more accurate way to figure out a lease payment in the state of Wisconsin?

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