Driving enthusiasts perspectives?

Hi guys, just wanted to ask a few petrol head owners their thoughts. I’m currently rocking a 987.2 cayman (hydraulic steering naturally aspirated) and an A4 tdi. Obviously the cayman is the fun car and a4 sensible.

The Audi is ridiculously unreliable, two major issues in two years. The first of which was a breakdown only hours after the car was delivered with 150 miles on the clock. The tech inside is unreliable, constantly deleting my home and work address out of my favourites, CarPlay randomly disconnecting etc. Performance wise it’s terrible. It’s got torque and power but no feeling. It understeers. It had a crappy gearbox that can’t decide what to do so I’ll often have to intervene unless I want to pull out of a roundabout in 4th gear etc, not a drivers car by any means. So I want to get rid of this.

Now Tesla model 3 and X don’t do anything for me. So that leaves the S. however these are expensive so would have to be my only car, logistically it would work as I don’t do long drives so charging won’t be a problem. I’m yet to book a test drive though.

So I was wondering, what you guys think about replacing a Porsche with a Tesla. Would that leave me unsatisfied? (For reference I drive a 10 year old Porsche, purely because every time I test drive a 981 or 718 I just feel a little disconnected with the electric steering and turbo engines in the latter, not as engaging) Would it remind me of the Audi? How do these things handle round the right twisty country lanes? Are they capable of track days or will engine overheating be an issue etc. Should I just buy a 335d instead for my daily and keep my Porsche for my weekend/occasional track car? Or the Taycan even?

Any advice or thoughts appreciated

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