After having 2 lemon Model S’ I bought a Model 3. I must be crazy.

My first model S was a used 2014 P85. It was in the shop 11 times in 2 years. When the warranty was about to expire I asked the service manager if they would extend the warranty since there had been so many problems with the car. He told me that if I wanted a warranty I had to buy a new car. I bought a 2018 Model S 75D. In 2 years it was in the service center 14 times. Filed a complaint with the state and it was declared a lemon and Tesla was ordered to buy it back. Now I needed a new car. Didn’t want to go with another model S since this is the first production year of the refreshed version and I’ve had so many issues with them so I opted for a model 3 performance. Picked it up on Saturday. Had the worse dealer experience ever. Paid almost 60k for the car. The person that was my rep forgot he made an appointment to deliver the car so he had an associate take care of me. The associate handed me the key and said your car is outside. We proceeded to walk the lot because she didn’t know where the car was parked. We found the car, the associate had me sign a delivery receipt and said goodbye. No introduction to the car. No going over the features. It wasn’t even charged all the way. There was some miscommunication so the car was never electronically released. It wouldn’t load into the Tesla app and the data streaming wasn’t turned on. It took me 3 trips back to the store to get this corrected. Just hoping this one doesn’t brake down constantly. I must be a glutton for pain.

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