Viewer beware: Wagner Saucedo (Tesla YouTuber) steals content

Today, I stumbled across a video from YouTuber Wagner Saucedo with the title “Tesla bombshell NOBODY is talking about”. I thought this was interesting, as I’d written an article titled The Tesla bombshell almost nobody is talking about back in 2019. I figured this was likely a simple coincidence, so I watched the video.

That’s where the coincidences stopped and the plagiarism began. A substantial portion of the video quoted my article nearly verbatim. I posted this comment:

Hey Wagner, I like your video. But you should really credit my article from 2019, as it’s pretty clear you took a lot of inspiration (and direct quotes) from it. In fact, over two minutes of this video come from my article practically word-for-word. Even the title of my article is “The Tesla bombshell almost nobody is talking about”, while you’ve titled your video “Tesla Bombshell NOBODY is talking about”.

Quote from my article: 7:06 “your Tesla will be able to drive you home as you read a book, they say, as well as go off to make money for you as an autonomous robotaxi whenever you like. You can make money while you sleep, or earn a second paycheck while at your day job. The car can pay for itself, and then some.”

7:24 “The base self-driving Tesla costs about $38K. As a robotaxi, the car will be able to earn about $30K per year. This assumes rides at half the cost of a Lyft or Uber […] Tesla cars will be rated for one million miles, including the battery. In the lifespan of the car, it can earn approximately $200K of income for the owner. A $38K car bringing in $200K of income on its own? That’s insane. That’s impossible. And that’s being spearheaded by a team famous for achieving the impossibly insane.”

7:57 “People will buy fleets of entry-level Model 3s to get as many cars on the road as possible and maximize the number of concurrent rides. Most cars will likely be black [the cheapest color at the time of writing], as it is the lowest cost and there’s not much incentive for differentiation.”

8:15 “Tesla will make money on every sale and a cut of every ride, sending their revenue (and their stock) skyrocketing.”

8:23 “Riders will have the choice between standard ride sharing apps and Tesla robotaxis, which they estimate will be half the price. If the tech does what it says, users will take the half-priced rides nearly every time. Uber and Lyft are at serious risk”

8:38 “Most people will interact with Tesla vehicles as robotaxis, alone.”

8:43 “It may be cheaper to take robotaxis than to drive your own car. Used car prices will then plummet as people shift to robotaxis to save money.”

8:57 “the demand for robotaxis may be so high that entry-level Model 3s become the majority of cars on the street”

9:02 “The number of these robotaxis will increase unless and until we encounter one of several possible limiting factors: Government regulations stymie the rollout of driverless cars. Power infrastructure limitations […] prevent cars from getting charged quickly enough to remain profitable. […] Tesla is unable to keep up with a spike in demand […] Or: None of these other factors turns out to be limiting […] Tesla may choose to limit the number of cars a single individual purchases to inhibit the creation of fleets. But as their goal is to ‘accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy’ […]”

10:00 “Will robotaxis be the money printing machines they’re purported to be?”

I’m glad you liked my article. It’s been great to see how it’s resonated with people over the past couple years. But in its current form, this video is plagiarism. You need to credit your sources, especially when you use a substantial portion verbatim.

I checked out the video a few hours later, and it was gone (made private). Thankfully, I’d downloaded a copy first. I have yet to hear from Wagner or get an apology from him, but frankly, that wouldn’t change the fact that he blatantly stole my content and passed it off as his own. I hesitated sharing this as I don’t want to have this misconstrued as stirring up drama, but I genuinely believe the community should know this. Thanks.

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