Phantom braking on I-90 in southern Wisconsin, at overpasses and off-ramps. Immediately decelerates from 75 mph to 55. This is insanely dangerous and I’m scared to use this car on highways now.

I have no idea why phantom braking is so hard to solve for this car, but it’s just so incredibly unsafe and will cause major accidents.

I’ve had a Model 3 for about 10 months. My old car is a 2018 Honda CRV. The CRV’s cruise control works great, other than following way too far behind another car, but it has never had phantom braking issues.

The 2 times I’ve driven my Model 3 on the interstate since the pandemic started, I had multiple instances of abrupt and jarring phantom braking, always near overpasses or off-ramps. It went from 75 to 55 and scared the hell out of me and my girlfriend.

It’s not okay. I want to talk to Tesla about this. Has there been improvements in software? Do I need to hard-reboot the car to get the new updates to fully sink in? What can I do to minimize this?

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