How do you get certain features? and cost benefit of used

I am looking at getting a model 3 but their are certain features that I really must have in this car. I am not sure if they are actual features, how to order them, or how to check if a car actually has them – if I end up buying used.

The features I want are heated seats and steering wheel, non-aero rims, white int/white ext. I have only tried out a model 3 once and it was used. Since it was used the dealer had no idea how to use the thing so I couldn’t find out how to check for heat wheel.

Is that something that comes standard and all of them have it? If not how do I make sure a car I look at has one

The next question would be for people that own 2018 mid range models. We have looked at used 2018 model 3’s midrange but they are priced around 37 for a mid range, when a new standard plus is 39990. Does the new one have a heated steering wheel? If not, is there any reason to buy a used one for 2k less?

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