“Engineering” has now told SCs to stop replacing mispainted/defective panels under warranty – Should I engage my state’s Lemon Law? Anyone done this?

So I own a white MY that’s been repainted completely because the doors were a different color. Well, now the plastic rear bumper cover doesn’t match the rest of the car and the SC is refusing to replace while also acknowledging the defective part. They have the parts in stock locally, have said the paint is pretty bad, my car is under warranty, and they’ve simply told me to punch sand.

I understand this wasn’t the intent of the Lemon Law (TX in this case), but considering filing a complaint regardless. This car still has misaligned door panels and the local SC has dropped a window on the rear quarter denting it and removing paint (still not repaired). Am I wasting my time with this complaint and should I look into some sort of class action lawsuit? PM me if you’re in the same boat.

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