USB music on Tesla

I put a bunch of music on an SD card in the Tesla, and was pretty disappointed with the player. No cover art, no search, no history. Some of these lacks used to work, and I’m assuming they may in the future. But there is one thing that would be nice, and I’m not sure if it’s broken, or never worked, or I’m doing it wrong.

It’s the genres tag. Much of my music has multiple genres, and my collection separates them using semi-colons, although I also tried commas. But the Tesla just interprets it as one genre, such as rock;blues rather than rock and blues. My phone’s player does it correctly, so I think the tags are what they should be.

Does anyone even use USB music these days, and know how to either make it work or whether it’s ever going to work. The thing about USB is it can sound much better than bluetooth or streaming music, and it’s nice to have anyway. But it’s pretty hard with the current UI to pick anything other than a single album.

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