Question about 2014 and Older Model S Reliability

Hi! Like many, I’ve been eyeing 2014 and older model S’s as they’re finally coming into my price range in extreme cases (<20k USD). But IDK if I should consider the purchase anymore. Although I really want an EV as my next car, would these model S get me at a minimum point A to B reliably? Things I’ve gathered so far:

– Door handles failure – if I can get through the hatchback, I’m ok with handle bars breaking.

– Battery degradation to point of needing replacement – As long as the car can keep 100 miles in CA weather, I don’t mind, as long as it can still drive.

– I don’t hear much about motors breaking under general use which is nice

– MCU – bubbles/tint won’t mind, as long as it can drive

– Rattling/cabin noise – won’t mind

I extremely fear of sinking potentially 20k into something that my current car can do (get me from point A to point B) without worrying about replacing any part of the drivetrain. Reason of considering a different car is just due to it being a small car which I’ve cared a bit more of my safety as of late.

Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts!

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