What size enclosure for charging cable??

Hi all! I’m waiting on my first MY and preparing for home charging! We don’t have a garage — street parking only, but a fairly good sized right-of-way (see pic in comment).

My plan is to install an outdoor Eaton enclosure (with a nema 14-50 inside) on a steel post. We live in an area that does have a good bit of vandalism and crime, so I’m trying to decide whether to get a larger enclosure (maybe 24x20x8) and store the entire 20’ charging cable inside of it…or risk it with a less obtrusive, smaller enclosure and store just the outlet, Tesla adapter body, and possibly the charger end itself inside… with the cable itself coiled along the post.

2 questions:

Personal opinion: would you go with the smaller or larger enclosure?

If you go large, how big of an enclosure is needed for a 20’ cable to easily coil inside?

Thanks all!

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