Upgrade failed, screen black

I have a week old Model 3 LR and tried a software update last night from the mobile app while parked at home. It spent a few minutes working on that and then said it had failed. It was late so I went to bed not thinking much of it.

This morning, I can’t connect to the car through the app — it says vehicle connection issue — and the screen in the car is blank. I tried to reboot the screen but nothing happens. Will unlock, shift into gear, and other basic functions but probably not safe to drive without a working screen.

I’m guessing the failed software update screwed up something but my earliest mobile service appointment is Tuesday. Any other things I should try? Is there a deeper reboot option? Anyway to get mobile service out sooner? Tried calling support but they’re not open on the weekends!

By the way, the car’s software was at 2020.47.103.1, so pretty old. Mobile app said it was going to upgrade the car to 2021.something.

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