Model X now or later

Hi all I’m new to this sub. I’ve wanted a Tesla for the past 5 years. I’m finally in a position where I think I am ready to bite the bullet and get my dream car the model x. I have a few things holding me back 1) do the falcon doors start to have big problems over time? 2) there appear to be a lot of improvements in batteries as of late, think it’s worth waiting another year or so will the changes be that dramatic. 3) have any of the alignment issues gotten better as of late? Makes me a litter nervous to spend 140k (Canadian) to have a vehicle that is not going to have panels aligned properly especially with the doors. 4) has the gap in the doors at the top been fixed yet? Or is it still an issue with heavy rain water running into the car through the gap? I live west coast so we have a lot of rain this could be a big issue.

Thanks guys!

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